School Council

School Council meetings are generally held on the third Wednesday of the month.  Please see the master calendar for specific dates.

Chair​ ​Pauline Hudson
​Vice-Chair ​Kirby Schmidt-Teigen
​Secretary​ Teena Kasha
​Treasurer Candice Guhle
Kindergarten ​Teena Kasha
Gr. 1 Class Representative Laura Zwack
Gr.2/3 Representative Wendy Weiss
​​Gr. 4 Class Representative Kirby Schmidt-Teigen
​​Gr. 5 Class Representative Cristin Zimmer
Gr. 6 Class Representative Adrian Ketchmark
Gr. 7 Class Representative ​Jeanni Hoermann
​​Gr. 8 Class Representative Candice Guhle
​​Gr. 9 Class Representative ​Candice Guhle
​​Gr. 10 Class Representative Teena Kasha
​​Gr. 11 Class Representative ​Shaunet Petiot
​​Gr. 12 Class Representative Vacant

School Council meeting minutes can be found in our bi-weekly newsletter: Daysland Digest posted in the "Publications" section near the bottom of the main page.

Operating Procedures